Change log / Version 6.4.0

Version 6.4.0 (3 September 19)
Added: Add new PHP mail alternative method
Added: Option to show/hide the stats counter into the homepage
Fixed: "Getting Link" button takes a long time
Fixed: "Getting Link" is stuck
Fixed: API tools not displayed after updating to v6.0.0 with some installations
Fixed: Admin can't add blog posts
Fixed: ClassicTheme payout/advertising rates without active tab
Fixed: Dashboards' charts are not displayed with correct dates based on the current time zone
Fixed: Deactivate button is not working on the user admin view page
Fixed: Display correct payout rates when the earning simple mode is active
Fixed: Error "Call to a member function getAttribute() on null" 
Fixed: Error "Undefined index: RememberMe" while logging out
Fixed: Error on the member referrals page
Fixed: Increase the server PHP memory limit while the upgrade process
Fixed: Sometimes there is an error when select"Remember me" option when login
Fixed: Upgrade button still appears even the update is done
Improved: Only display completed withdraws into the payment proof table
Improved: Sitemap performance
New: Integrate paid service to detect VPN, TOR, hosting data centers, public proxies, web proxies & Bad Search Engine Robots.
Other improvements and minor bug fixes
Update countries database to the latest version

Published on: 11/19/19, 1:06 PM